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3D Directions
Thank you for purchasing one of my 3D pieces! Here are some visual aids, expanded instructions and some helpful tips for putting together the 3D pieces.  I used the example of “The Wave” as the 3D piece in these figures, but the instructions are the same on all of the different styles available.

Figure 1
Here's the sheet that you purchased uncut.

Figure 2
The red areas in this picture are the ones you can toss as they are simply scrap. Cut out along the solid lines until you have a total of 6 pieces of paper.

Tip: I recommend using a ruler and a hobby knife for as much of this as possible. I also find it easier to cut out the contained areas before cutting the straight edges.

Figure 2a
Here are the 6 separate pieces. I'll refer to each of them from now on based on this figure.

Figure 3
Pieces 1 through 4 each have "wings" on either side that need either to be folded forward or back along the dotted lines. The panels indicated in orange (on Pieces 1-3) should be folded backward and and the ones in green (on Piece 4) should be folded forward.

Tip: Scoring along the dotted lines before folding them either by using a ballpoint pen or by gently running a hobby knife will make folding more easy.

Figure 4
Now for the assembly part.  You will need Pieces 1-4 as well as Piece A for this step.  If you hold Piece 1 oriented towards you place glue along the wing on the left hand side. Carefully place the glue laden wing onto Piece A. For every subsequent piece add glue only to the left hand wing and put it on Piece A. I recommend waiting for the glue to dry on each piece before going onto the next piece.

Tip: I recommend using a liquid paper glue instead of a glue stick.  I just find that the glue sticks don’t hold as well with this weight paper.

Figure 5
Here's what is looks like once Pieces 1 through 4 are put on Piece A. Note that you will be hiding the print on Piece A with the wings. Make sure you glue each piece in the right order.

Now you are ready to glue each of the other wings down to Piece B.