Heroines for Hire started off in Paul Benson’s fevered imaginings as one incredibly nerdy comedy.  The one-line ‘Hollywood’ pitch is basically Cheers meets Dungeons and Dragons. He originally intended to make H4H into a webseries, but the cost of producing an epic fantasy comedy was a little past his pay grade.  He then adapted the first few episodes of the webseries into a sitcom pilot, but without any big names to attach, no one was interested in making a fantasy comedy sitcom(except for the ebullient Galavant on ABC, but that’s a whole ‘nother story!).

But Paul had fallen in love with his crazy characters and story, and wasn’t ready to let them go.  And so he decided to go ahead and make the series the one way that budget wouldn’t matter: as a webcomic.  Just him and the artist Jo Roberts populating the magical land of Thudd on paper pixels, where we don’t have to worry about sewing costumes, building sets, or that big animatronic dragon that would have cost the whole budget of the webseries.  It’s just the imaginations of two people, bringing you what we hope is an enjoyable romp in a decidedly silly fantasy world, where two sisters strive to follow their dreams in a backwater town…and run headlong towards a destiny greater than either could imagine.