The Writer

Paul Benson- Writer and creatorPaul Benson was reared on a diet of comic books, anime(or Japanimation as we called it back in the day), and science fiction and fantasy novels.  While his parents urged him to go into a practical field, he instead chose to move to Los Angeles to follow his dream: living in poverty making a living in Hollywood.  Starting out as an actor, he transitioned into screenwriting, winning an award for his first comedy Doggy Style. He went on to have his animated feature comedy Disaster!produced, and worked on other projects including an issue of X-Men Unlimited for Marvel comics and writing and directing a short horror film, Dumpster Diver.  He currently lives in LA with his dog, a ridiculous little rescue French Bulldog, and continues to write and direct…as well as return to acting, because, why not.

The Artist

Josephine Roberts- ArtistJo(sephine) Roberts is a LA native and has always had an interest in art and comics. When not doing graphic design work on her computer she can be found drawing, cruising around town with the top down in her Miata, teaching Saber fencing or selling scientific and technical antiques at comic book conventions. She thinks that long walks on the beach are akin to trusting Littlefinger; neither a great nor original idea. She is happy to do paid commissions and take on design work. Visit to see samples of her work or even find her Facebook page to see the latest doodles.